1-12-9-705 Kitahorie Nishiku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone: +81 090‐7557‐6727

Nearby Attractions

Shinsaibashi, America Village

Despite being located in an upper class, quiet, and safe neighborhood, we are located only a 5 minute walk from the main shopping and entertainment areas in Osaka (Shinsaibashi and America Village). We are also conveniently located near Namba station from which you can easily transfer to some of the other popular sightseeing areas in Osaka like Universal Studios, the aquarium, Osaka Castle, and Nara.


The heart of our Neighborhood, Orange Street, is where the flagship stores of most of the international and local brands and designers are located. This street has a stylish and boutique feel to it as opposed to the slightly more congested Shinsaibashi area. Small, local designers and delicious, stylish cafes are more common here than anywhere in Osaka.


The general Namba area has more eateries, stores, bars, and clubs than you could ever hope to experience in a life time. There is something for everyone. From electric goods, to clothes, to local and gourmet, to underground bars, clubs, cafes, and things that wont see anywhere else in the world. Namba is a veritable concrete jungle of sensory delights.

Namba Tourist Office

With the internet these days, tourist offices have become almost obsolete, but Namba has several helpful tourist offices just in case.